UWIM Explained: Smart Tokens Types

UWIM Official
2 min readJan 20, 2022


Dear UWIM community!

These days we are heavily focused on the IDO preparations and the upcoming update on the public round details. Moreover, the development process never stops. The UWIM team has an ambitious roadmap and plenty of updates geared to building a top-tier solution that will bridge crypto with the broadest audience in demand of high-tech solutions.

As we know, UWIM is far not limited to token creation in terms of functionality, although our Smart Token Constructor is in the very middle of the vast UWIM ecosystem.

Currently, UWIM Token Constructor accesses five different tokens and two additional smart contract types so that everyone can find a blockchain solution.

Let’s look at the existing options for the available assets in more detail. Five current standards for the users’ tokens are My, Donate, Business, Startup, and Trade.

My is the elementary token standard to keep an eye on if you are looking for an opportunity to launch an artifact that will strongly associate with you or your personal brand.

Donate is the perfect solution for those already recognized by their audience and looking for ways to convert their popularity.

Business is the asset type that perfectly supports your enterprise by delivering a clear vision of your current targets to the potential partners and investors.

Startup is relatively close standard to the previous one but crafted especially for newborn projects. Here you can create and customize the profile of your future business and elaborate on the vital milestones so the audience can support you in the early stage.

Trade is the asset fully compatible with UWIM exchange platform requirements. This is your number one choice once you are looking to create tradable assets to conquer the challenging crypto market.

In addition to these five options, UWIM currently allows creating NFTs and tokens based on DAO smart contracts. Our team is currently working on expanding the list of token standards available with Guild, Treasure, Gamebox, and NFT Rent coming soon.

Don’t hesitate to experience the easiest ever no-code token issuance option yourself, and stay tuned!



UWIM Official