Problems and Solutions for the Game Industry in Blockchain

UWIM Official
3 min readDec 14, 2021

How UWIM helps players with accessible and easy-to-use software.

The blockchain gaming industry has about 2.1 billion active users in 2021. According to the most positive projection, this number should increase to 3 billion in the next year. However, a problem that can slow down or even stop the growth in demand for games of this kind appears, despite their fun and technical advantages.

The issue is that the overwhelming majority of projects use the Ethereum project technology as the basis that can no longer meet modern requirements.

Game software and gas charges

Most blockchain games have an in-game currency that is also used to pay for in-game operations. Purchase, exchange or withdrawal of coins may be implemented in the game.

This fee is getting extremely high for most players in Ethereum networks, and their activity is gradually decreasing because of that. Gas payments are increasing with the rise of the main currency value, and the trend will only continue if the market keeps developing.

Sidechain technology

Sidechain — a fork of the main blockchain that can effectively solve this problem. Gas fees that can be up to $ 100 per transaction will sooner or later force players to look for another, less expensive alternative.

The transaction occurs in a similar way when using sidechains: a user completes the transfer, it is processed, confirmed, and then the token is transferred from the main network.

The technology can be used (and is actively used) not only in games. It is flexible and allows experimentation and testing of new decentralized products.

Moreover, the high level of security is worth mentioning: even if the sidechain is hacked, it will not affect the main network.

A large number of advantages allows you to switch to this technology today.

UWIM sidechain

The UWIM development team decided to release their own sidechain solutions for the gaming industry that has a specificity that is significantly different from technological products for the financial sector.

The UWIM solution will allow the utilization of mainnet tokens in sidechains: they will be transformed into the so-called WUWM during transactions. Reverse tokens can easily move between the main and secondary networks without immense transaction fees.

Sidechains will not only be able to satisfy the needs of the gaming community for small transactions but also provide the following technical capabilities:

1. High bandwidth, fast and secure transactions;

2. Built-in block explorer designed to ensure the transparency and security of the network;

3. Individually configured wallets that allow new users to quickly and easily get into the blockchain game process;

4. Simple integration into the game control panel that is understandable to every player. The gameplay will practically not differ from the standard one. According to the scenario of the game, a user will be able to collect magic items, animals or symbols, exchange them to earn money, take part in tournaments with other players. This is an upgraded and technically more advanced classic model of in-game earnings on cryptocurrency.


UWIM is a new decentralized project that offers the blockchain industry a ton of functional and useful solutions that will help to popularize it and simplify access for new members.

New flexible technology is indispensable for the gaming sector, but it is only part of what UWIM can offer to the world. In addition, here you can find:

1. Safe and convenient wallets for cryptocurrency storage that are available for computers and mobile devices;

2. Own DEX for decentralized digital asset trading;

3. A reasonable and technically advanced UWIM ecosystem that solved the problems of older networks: scalability, high transaction processing speed and management through a simple management panel;

4. NFT marketplaces where you can place and sell non-fungible tokens that are extremely popular in 2021 and more. You can join this project today — become a member of the UWIM community and follow the latest updates and news of the network.