How UWIM was created

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5 min readOct 18, 2021


How UWIM was created

UWIM is a new progressive and functional platform created in 2019. During the project existence, the developers managed to implement many ideas, and currently, this blockchain is in deserved demand among investors.

Let’s look back and see how it was.

The beginning

The idea of project implementation came to the developers back in 2019. It was planned to create a system where the decentralized and the centralized can form a perfect balance: the reliability and security of blockchain technology, centralized technologies with closed source code for your own dApps implementation.

The founders decided to follow the Bitcoin path and not draw attention to the project at the first stage of development. The planned technologies were implemented gradually, the project was studied in the test network, and the system was ready for the first stage of the launch in June 2020.

The first private stage of the UWIM tokens sale started on June 15, 2020, and the raised investments were aimed at improving and further network development.

The launch of the main network and new technologies

Then the project started developing rapidly. The main blockchain network and the website were launched only two weeks after the private sales, the public sale of tokens started on August 15, 2020.

At the same time, the developers surprised the audience with the instant launch of two useful tools at once:

✓ UWIM Wallet

✓UWIM Explorer

During the year, the UWM token was traded at a reduced cost, and the project was gaining strength for its full implementation. One of its most important functions was implemented in April: the creation of custom tokens with the native token rise from $ 0.7 to $ 1 on June 1, 2021.

Large-scale token sale

Large-scale UWIM token sale is something worth mentioning in more detail. Each project needs two factors for its successful development:

1. A stable source of funding;

2. Public prominence.

It was decided to hold one of the longest token sales in history with a gradual increase in the value of a digital asset in order to achieve the desired result and fully unleash the opportunities of the new ecosystem.

1.2020, stage one: mass distribution. During this period, the project was the most vulnerable, like any startup little known to the community. In order to avoid risks and gain audience support, a certain amount of UWM was distributed during the airdrop.

2.2020, sales stage. In the period from August 2020 to June 2021, the value of UWM was determined as the arithmetic average of the 10 largest currencies prices. 100,000 UWM were sold at a price of $0.7.

3.2021. The cryptocurrency rate starts growing: this time, the project is focused on large investors. During sealed bids in June 2021, UWM could be purchased at a price of $ 1 — this cost will remain until mid-October.

4. 2021, public stage. The large-scale token sale ended with a public stage: any user can buy project tokens at the old price of $ 1 from August 2021.

The final stage will last until November, and there will be 101 million UWMs at the time of listing.

The first step towards your own tokens creation

2021 gave us a unique tool — a simple interface that allows you to create your own currencies without a code. Nowadays, platform users can issue personal tokens — this is only one of seven standards available in UWIM.

Currently, the platform already has a constructor for assets creation, as well as system smart contracts for exchange and delegation.

Launching a decentralized exchange

Launching a decentralized exchange requires a lot of professionalism and investment, but UWIM has coped with this task. The brand new DEX of UWM tokens allows more than just exchanging coins.

Now, developers have the opportunity to post their projects for free, hence they are able to:

1. Find a new audience;

2. Increase the tokens liquidity;

3. Stimulate token holders with rewards, increasing demand consequently.

DEX has become one of the project’s biggest breakthroughs, but it’s far from the end.


Rapid technological development, accurate adherence to the roadmap, and effective results are objective parameters that assess the project prospects. The progress of UWIM has given developers the opportunity not only to gain their audience but also to get the support of influential organizations.

In 2021, the UWM project is a resident of:

1. Artificial intelligence laboratories association. AILA is a partner of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the National Association for Technology Transfer, an organization specializing in support of AI development in Russia and the formation of appropriate standards.

2. Russian Association of Cryptoeconomics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. It is one of the largest Russian organizations involved in the popularization of blockchain technologies.

This membership is an important step towards the project development and an additional guarantor for the investor. It shows UWIM’s focus on long-term development. Subsequently, the project team plans to take part in the activities of other significant organizations.

Social activity

UWIM today is not only a developed and successful blockchain, a member of Russian associations, but also an active public figure contributing to the national culture. The project developers were technical consultants in the creation of a new series

The “Social Network” series is a promising novelty of Russian cinema with famous actors, including Lyubov Aksenova. The series will tell about artificial intelligence technologies and their role in our life … Including UWIM.


Currently, UWIM has achieved impressive results and has become one of the most famous and large-scale blockchain projects in the country. It allows users to receive passive income and contributes to the development of innovative technologies.

And in the near future, this blockchain will become an important tool for new cryptocurrencies creation that is simpler and more affordable compared to Ethereum but no less effective. After the completion of the token sale in November 2021, the UWM currency will appear on popular cryptocurrency exchanges and will become a public asset.

Stay with UWIM and take part in the development of a progressive project.



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