The UWIM team is pleased to announce another partnership: now we have enlisted the support of the Australian group of partner companies Unirock Partners.

The corporation specializes in financing promising projects in the field of blockchain, innovative technologies and artificial intelligence. Its main mission is to make advanced fintech solutions and AI accessible to everyone, and experience in the niche allows you to perform tasks as efficiently as possible.

A team of experienced consultants and managers studies and selects the best projects for further investment.

Pavel Entin, the head of Unirock Partners, acted as an adviser to UWIM, considering our startup worthy of funding.

Now UWIM receives even more support and more opportunities for the development of a new generation blockchain ecosystem. The help of experienced partners is the key to the successful popularization of the project.

Stay tuned!



On July 30, 2021, the UWIM Blockchain ecosystem joined the number of partners of the AILA Association (Association of Artificial Intelligence Development Laboratories).

Vice-President of AILA — Robert Vasiliev, welcomed the UWIM project team to his ranks and introduced it to the members of the association. Within the framework of cooperation, we identified joint interests in the development of an ML/DL blockchain.

The company was offered access to support measures, exchange of experience, representation of the interests of the community in government agencies, open access to pilots. UWIM Blockchain was also invited to join the international catalog of products implemented on TopAI artificial intelligence

This catalog will be sent to more than 25,000 major companies, national governments, and venture funds.

The catalog presents solutions from different areas of artificial intelligence development.